Monday, August 18, 2008

How many ladies does it take to jump start a car?

A couple of dear friends from church got together to have some coffee from JAVA Brewing Company to hang out and talk...and of course, drink coffee. When Susan got up to leave, the rest of us were finishing up our conversations. A couple of minutes later, Susan walks back into Java and says that her car won't start...she left her lights on! So, we all jumped up and headed out to help. Susan pulled out her jumper cables, I pulled out mine. Thankfully, we were parked by eachother. With calls made to our husbands, sparks flying in my hands--right after my husband told me to be careful not to let the clamps touch! Trust me, this was an experience! Well, in the end, the ladies were victorious! Thank goodness Tracy took the clamps off for me..saved me a shock or two!

A nice lady who was parked by us readily stated that she would take a picture of this momentous occasion. It just so happens that Nichole had one more picture left on her camera.
So, if you are in need of some assistance on how to jump your car, I think any of us ladies would be able to answer your questions with flying colors!

Isn't it cool that we were making memories? Yes, it reminds me of a song...let me sing it to the corner of my mind...misty water colored memories...of the way we were......scattered pictures.....

From the left to right: Claudine, Susan, Nichole and Tracy.