Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Lydia and her pretty Easter dress.

Lydia and Dadda

Lydia and Momma

Our family

Owen playing with the pinwheel

Lydia and Mrs. Martini

Lydia finding eggs for the first time...she did great and had lots of fun!

Lydia concentrating...see the tongue?

Lydia relaxing after a huge victory in getting lots of eggs!

This horse ranch is right in front of our church..they came out to play!

It is greener on the other side...

Mrs. Brooks and her daughter, Amparo.

Anna dipping into Lydia's basket. :o)

Lydia hanging with both Sophia's

Lydia's first pinata

Gerrit taking a swing at it!

Go Sophia!

Oh, we are talking..

Chloe with her very fashionable hat!
A star is born..

Mr. Martini trying on Lydia's glasses...

Pastor enjoying the day!

Mr. Martini and his wizard hat (or at least that's what we are calling it).

Mrs. Bold and Lydia

Mrs. Bartles, Chloe, and Lydia

Mrs. Smith and Me

Sam with his awesome shirt that says, "My Mom Rocks!"

Mrs. Smith with their new dog "Jasmine".
We had the most fabulous Easter celebration! We hung out with our Pastor and his family and about 40 other people! It was awesome! The food, the fellowship, the fun!!! Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!!!
Happy Resurrection Day!!