Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Princess Castle Time

Lydia showing me where the little girl from China is. This is a great book. It's called All God's Children by Ken Ham.
Lydia playing peek-a-boo.

She is smiling through her princess castle window.

Lydia was reading to her panda and letting her panda know where China was.

A very special Mother's Day and Lydia's "big girl bed"

John gave me these beautiful flowers for my 1st Mother's Day.

Happy day.

John grilled some amazing steaks for Mother's Day. Yummeee!

Lydia had to put clothes on her panda one morning because she put her clothes on. Chcck out panda's pretty dress!

Lydia giving her panda lots of lovin'.

I told Lydia to take a picture of her panda. She told her panda to say "cheese".

I love the look on Lydia's face in this picture.

She was also taking pictures of the birds outside. She gets really excited when the birds are in our yard.

Looking outside and enjoying God's creation.
This is Lydia's room with her crib still in it.
This is Lydia's room without her crib..bye-bye crib!
This is after. Isn't it beautiful?

Lydia loves her new bed!!

Loving it!


We saw a bunny outside and Lydia was just going crazy. We both took pictures of it and she kept on saying "hop..hop...hop"!