Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Last Post from China!!

Today was a new day! Check out those teeth!
She laughed and played with us for a long time tonight!

Super family with our FTIA coordinator..Catherine

Proud Momma and Lydia

Inside the White Swan Hotel

The famous "red couch" picture at the White Swan

Lydia in her new Chinese dress

Again, puckering up

Resting against Baba

Lydia giving Momma kisses

At the Buddist Temple

Some really great new friends from NY

Okay, I had to post this one...

At the museum

Fans at the museum
Woodwork at the museum

Stained glass at the museum




Lydia and Momma playing in the White Swan Playroom


Night life in Guangzhou

Well...Lydia finally fell asleep and we are now giving our luggage to the bellboy. Tomorrow morning we leave the White Swan Hotel at 5:30 am. We are SO ready to come home. Today was an amazing day. We went to the Consulate and had our swearing ceremony. It was pretty sweet.
Lydia tried broccoli, said her first words; Momma and Baba (and Dadda), and laughed, danced, clapped her hands, and melted our hearts. We had several sweet moments today. What a great last day in China. Tonight we all got together at our favorite restaurant Lucy's. We all had a great time.
So...we are just finishing up and getting ready to chill before bed.
I guess we will see you all (Lord willing) tomorrow at 6:23pm at the Louisville airport. NW #1884.
Please continue to pray for us........looking forward to getting HOME and seeing all of you. :)
Love the Super family