Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Wonderland........(you ain't kiddin'!)

Lydia is ready to go night-night

Lydia and Momma camping out on our living room floor because of no power

A tree in our back yard that had way too much ice on it

Ice almost an inch thick covering our trees and wires


It is like a blizzard in this shot..with lots of ice


One of bushes out front slumped over from the heavy ice and snow

Our holly bushes were covered!

Well...they talked about a snow storm coming...but this was way more crazier than (I think) anyone expected! First came the snow..then the freezing rain (mixed with sleet)...then it snowed again...then we had some more freezing rain...and more snow..It was a mess. I think we got around 6 inches..then about 1 1/2 inches of ice..then this morning it snowed another 2 inches. I have no idea what it did in Louisville, but we got hammered!
We also lost power for a couple of days...and thank the Lord...we got it back. The temp. was dropping quickly and it was getting into the single digits. They were saying that it could take up to mid February to get all power restored. I was hoping that wasn't true. The first day we lost power, we stuck it out through the night to see what would happen. We were all bundled up and it caused us to snuggle lots! The next morning..the temp. in our home wouldn't even register because it was so cold. So, wonderful friends from church invited us to stay with them. We grabbed the cats and the whole gang, and got out of our frozen home.
A funny story.....I took some meat out to thaw the first day we lost power (we were going to attempt to fire up the grill outside---heeehee--yea..right) and forgot about it..until the next morning (the day when we left our home). When I went to pack the meat to take it to our friends was STILL frozen! You know it's bad when..... :)

John had to work out in this crazy weather the entire week. It has been a really exhausting week. We have a lot to do this weekend and I hoping that somewhere in there we will find time to just REST. Boy do we need it.

So, we are thankful to the Lord for His protection and provision over our lives. We are truly grateful for a warm home.