Monday, August 4, 2008

End of the day.....

As I come to the end of the day...we have received no call. I am so disappointed, but I understand that God is still in control over this process. We are truly at His mercy.

There was another rumor that China will only send out referrals through 1/27/2006. Ugh..they are already through 1/25/2006, which means that they only will send out 2 days worth of referrals. With Chinese New Year being from 1/29 through 2/4 in 2006 and nothing produced during those days..makes me a litte upset that China didn't go any further.

May I vent?

Sometimes I think that it is because of the Olympics that they are going at a snail's pace. They don't want to be looked upon as a country that "gives" their children away. Bad press is not good for China. They dislike it very much. So, is it pride that is keeping my daughter in an institution? The longer she is there, the worse it is for her. That grieves me greatly.

I have to continue to "preach" to myself that it is His timing and it is perfect. I can't argue with that. He is GOD. May God be gracious to us as we continue to wait. Patience...evidently I haven't learned it yet.... :)

Could it be TODAY?

Whew! What a wonderful weekend! Our church, Community Presbyterian Church, put on a yard sale on Saturday to help with our adoption expenses. We are so grateful for their support, encouragement and prayers throughout this process. Well... (drum roll please) we raised $1,851.25 from the yard sale! Praise the Lord! John and I couldn't believe it! We were just overwhelmed!
As of Saturday (prior to the yard sale) our cost remaining was $6,300.00. We now have a balance of $4,448.75. The Lord has provided for us thus far and He has been so faithful. So, we continue to trust Him. May God be praised for what He has done!

In other can be the day we receive our referral. That my friend is HARD to believe. In family worship this morning, we were praying that the Lord would make that happen today. Wow, that totally put me in shock mode because we have never been close enough to pray a prayer like that. Could it be today Lord? Could we find out after all this time who we have been praying for? To actually see her face? Our daughter.......thoughts like this overwhelm me and actually make me have some severe butterflies!

Who knows, there are rumors flying around that 2/9/2006 LID's are not in this batch of referrals. So, that could mean that our LID (2/6/2006) is in this batch?! All I do know is that it is in the Lord's hands. It has been all this time.

Hey, maybe I will be able post Lydia's picture later on this blog? We continue to pray....