Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's been a long time....

I apologize that is has been a long time since my last blog post. With the passing of my mother, changes in our lives, and now John's grandmother's health is declining..things have been a bit difficult. We have seen God move in our lives in amazing ways and we are grateful for His mercy throughout it all.

Recently, I wanted to upload some pictures to our blog of Lydia and was not able to do so. I am not sure if it is our USB cord, our camera, or our computer. Whatever it is..I can't figure it out. So....be patient..we will (Lord willing) updated pictures to share of our precious little one.

Brief update on Lydia..she is doing wonderful. She is growing, learning, and talking so much more now. Our attachment issues are, I believe, not an issue anymore. Praise the Lord. She is eating well, loving life, and experiencing new things everyday. At church a couple of weeks ago, she was admitted to the Table. What a joyous day that was. She loves Jesus..and she will tell you so.

She is not using "baby signs" much anymore..since now she knows how to say those words. She is also answering our questions..which is just wonderful. Sometimes, we are not sure what she is saying..but she will try to repeat herself..like we didn't hear her or something. Too cute.

She still isn't potty trained yet. We are hoping she will be interested soon. I think I scared her with my excitement last time we tried. So maybe we will try again soon. We would like to get a break on buying diapers for a bit!

She is such a happy girl and has a wonderful sense of humor. She is just hilarious. We love her and are so glad that she is with us. This week we came upon 9 months of having her in our family....9 months! Time goes by so quickly..we don't want to miss a thing!

As far as we are concerned..we are heavily thinking about a second adoption..we would love to adopted a boy from South Korea..we continue to pray about this. I think Lydia would do well with a little one around. She is such a great helper.

I know I may be a bit biased..but I think she is the sweetest gal around. She has such a love for people and such wonderful compassion.

So, hopefully we will get this uploading picture problem fixed soon...

Peace be with you all...