Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some photos to share...

View of Mt. Le Conte from the deck of our chalet

Gorgeous view!

It got pretty cold in the Smokies. The morning after we arrived..there were snow capped mountains in the distance.

Out for a walk

Lydia's first cousin--Camron. She is helping him drink his juice.

Camron, who is 3, was showing Lydia how to play with his toy.

Lydia got a kick out of seeing herself in this giant mirror.

Family of 3

My brother, his wife and son. Family of 3...but soon to be family of 4!! :)

My dad with the grandkids! What a site!

Aunt Brookie with Lydia

Camron and Lydia hugging...too cute.

We had a very short trip to Gatlinburg to hang out with my dad, step-mom, brother and his family. Lydia had the worst runny nose before we left. We had to leave our Gatlinburg getaway early because both Lydia and I had fevers. Lydia's fever would not break and finally we got her to the doctor on Monday. Lydia has an ear infection with a really bad cough. I have the flu. John isn't himself either...we are just a mess.
Pray for us. I am going chill for bit to regain some of my strength before Lydia wakes up from her nap.....have a good one...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sniffles...Runny Nose and all....

Sorry it has been so long since our last post. It's been crazy around here and our poor Lydia has got some sinus stuff going on. This is her second time having it this month. The first time, she actually had an infection and we were not able to go to the Chinese New Year Celebration. We also had a very sick cat! So, needless to say...we are ready for everyone to get well.

We will post more next week....Our 14th Wedding Anniversary is tomorrow!!! Yea!!

Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's sweet husband bought me beautiful pink roses! They were gorgeous!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Made in China, plus first timers....

First time we have ever painted her nails! We chose the nail color "Adore You!"
Lydia shaking the nail polish bottle...copying after Momma....

"I like this color!"

Made in China

Too cute!

"I love running...I just love running!! Look at me go!!"
Momma painted her fingernails (um..for the first time in a L-O-N-G while!) and it was the first thing she noticed about me when she woke up from her nap yesterday. After she noticed it, she would point to her thumb nail...I guess she wanted her fingernails painted too!
So today, I thought I would "wing it" and try to paint her fingernails. She LOVED it. She was still the whole time! I couldn't believe it! They turned out so nice. I painted her thumb nail--the thumb she typically sucks on...then I thought...I better she has no paint on that thumb nail. She doesn't seem to mind one bit!
This weekend, we are going to a big Chinese New Year Celebration through the FCC (Families with Children from China) and we are dressing her all up in her pink Chinese dress and matching shoes. Her nails will totally match her dress...I she really cares! :) We have also been practicing Chinese language. She knows how to say "thank-you" and "hello"! It's a start!
Right now, I am letting her feed herself some yummy lasagna and as you probably guessed is everywhere! Gotta go..duty calls!

Have a great day!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Feeling a bit mushy....

Last week was somewhat stressful for our family. With no power, lots of snow and ice, trying to dig ourselves out of our driveway, messed up schedules....etc....
However, Friday night my sweet husband came home with these! I was so surprised! Flowers just make me happy...I know...I even shed a tear when he brought them to me. Big surprise for those who know me...
Anyway, aren't they beautiful?
Thanks truly are a wonderful man.

Now..if I can just get my cats not to eat them....hmmmmm......