Thursday, October 23, 2008

Less than two weeks away...

Less than two weeks away...we will be on a plane to CHINA!! AAAAAAHHHHHHH! Need I say more? Only 18 days until we meet Lydia for the first time! After almost 4 years of the adoption is so good to be able to say days......

Since I am currently unemployed outside the home, I have had time to get things ready prior to us leaving. Let me tell you, there is a lot more to do than most think! I am also a list maker and I have had to be cut off from adding more items to it. I know that I will not get everything done..and that is okay.

*Thanks to all who are making our transition to a family of 3 easier than what we expected. May God bless you for being so generous with your time and talents!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We covet them for the weeks ahead...

Highlights from Baby Shower #2

This gift was so big that I needed some help from my friends!

A lady from our church made Lydia's baptismal gown. Yea, there were tears!

Barb giving a devotional..some words of encouragement from God's Word.

Anna testing out the rattle!

Chloe smiling pretty for the camera.

I just love the Murray family! So glad they were there.

Yummy food!

Precious gifts.

What a beautiful baby shower cake!
What else can I say...thank you so much for everything.