Monday, April 12, 2010

A Perfect Day

When we were having our picnic at the park, Lydia kept on pointing and saying, "Look Mommy, a Cross." I looked and looked and finally...there it was. It was a tree branch in the shape of a Cross. How awesome is that?

Chillin' after our yummy picnic.

Swinging is so much fun!

Lydia was showing me some of her mighty large motor skills. You go Lydia! Great job!


"You can't catch me Mommy!"

Beautiful Redbud at the Nature Center.

We saw some really neat trees on our hike in the woods.

Mommy and Lydia.

"Hike, hike, hike. We're walkin' through the woods. Hike, hike, hike!"

We also saw some beautiful wildflowers at the Nature Center (on our hike).

We saw some cool animals up close at the Bird Blind at the Nature Center.

Oh, yea...

We also saw some really awesome looking birds, like this woodpecker.

Lydia in the Bird Blind.

Beautiful Bluejays.

I see youuuuu.

What a wonderful day! Lydia and I decided that we were going to take a break from packing and enjoy the beautiful weather. We went to the Louisville Nature Center (and we got to see a wonderful friend from Church), Joe Creason Park and had a lovely picnic. We enjoyed seeing God's beautiful creation! There is nothing else I can say. What an awesome day.
Thank you Lord.