Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grazie. Gracias. Merci. Eucharistia.

No matter how you say it...Thank you!

Thanks so much to everyone who has been a part of bringing our daughter home. We could not have done it without you. The Lord has shown us so much through this whole process...especially through the generosity of friends and family!

May the Lord bless you as you have been a blessing to us!
Ever so grateful,
John and Claudine

Information about Lydia.....

When we got all of Lydia's medical stats, we sent them to her doctor right away to make sure that she was a healthy child. Doctor called us on Monday night to go through all the medical information and Lydia looks like she is in good health! Yea!

Since we received doctor's approval, we sent our referral acceptance to our agency yesterday and they received it today! They will then send it to China.

In a couple of weeks, we will have some travel information nailed down and some updated pictures of Lydia! As soon as I get that information...I will post them on the blog!

By the way, we also found out some wonderful information on her that orphange sent us:
>Lydia loves to play with other children and her favorite toys are dolls
>Lydia likes to be spoken to one on one
>Lydia is active and outgoing
>Lydia likes to sing and laugh

First, we had prayer, then we gave her a name, then we were given a picture, and now a we know of her personality....we just love you Lydia!

In case you were wondering....her name will be ...Lydia Zhu Li Super
(Zhu is pronounced joo and Li is pronounced lee--like "Julie")

Ahhhh.....the Smokies......

John and Sophia at Abrams Falls

Smoky Mountains

John Dick hiking away

Me and my hiking buddy-Joanna

The victorious hikers who climbed Mt. LeConte

We did a short hike with the kiddos at Porter's Creek

The victorious hikers conquering the mountain

Referral celebration dinner

Beautiful Abram Falls

Hiking we will go...a hiking we will go..hi-ho the merry-o, a hiking we will go!

The top of Mt. LeConte. Yea! They made it!

The Bold family and Joanna at Abrams Falls

John and I at Abrams Falls

Doesn't this look like some scene from Lord of the Rings? It was taken on the Mt. LeConte hike.

The gang at Bear Camp Grill--yummy country breakfast!

Nothing like having the mountains, some great hiking, wonderful food and amazing company over a long weekend getaway. What a great way to celebrate the coming of Lydia.

These are just a few pictures taken from our sweet getaway.

Need I say more? Enjoy!

Details about the call.....

I have had many people ask me about the details of "the call". I wish I could have recorded the whole morning. It was simply amazing.
Well, we read on RQ that morning that it could be Tuesday, September 2nd or 3rd. I immediately called John and told him the news. John wasn't going in until later that morning so we wondered if we did get the call...what time would it be? I quickly emailed our family coordinator at our agency to see if she had heard any news. I heard no response. I kept my cell phone on me at work...just incase. Of course, the day after a holiday at the bank is pretty busy. So, needless to say, I was slammed. As I was waiting on several customers, my phone rang. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and the number on my phone was from our agency. I started to sweat because I couldn't answer my phone in time before the vm would pick up. After the customers left and I heard my phone "ding" when a vm message was completed...I told my co-worker that I needed her to come into my office while I take this call. I told her...This might be it!
Christina comes running over to my office, I call the agency...not once, but 5 times! It was busy! Finally, I got through. I asked for our family coordinator and she got on the phone. The first words she said to me was, "You have been waiting for this call for the past 3 1/2 years!" I replied, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!" Thankfully, Christina was in the office with me trying to calm me down. I started to break out in a cold sweat and needed to sit down. :) She asked me if I had pen and some paper handy. Yes...I did, but who was going to write this down for me as at this point I could hardly hold a pen (I was shaking like crazy!). Our family coordinator began to tell me some details about our daughter. I was in shock. I had to keep asking our coordinator to repeat the spelling because I just couldn't write! She must get that a lot?!
After the call, I immediately called John. Thank goodness he didn't go into work early--otherwise, he would've missed the whole thing! I called John and told him we got the call..he was like, "What?!" I then told him all the information we had about our daughter. We prayed and next thing I know, we have pictures being sent to us via email. Oh, the great things about technology! I downloaded her picture and there she was. Zhu Li Ying. What a precious gift from God! I immediately sent the pictures to John. We cried. At this point, I totally needed a hug from my husband. He said that he would try to come by the office on his way to work. The last picture is that hug that I was wanting. Don't I have such a sweet husband?
From there on out, I went screaming throughout the bank..."I got her pictures! I got her pictures!" I think everyone was in shock too! I was proud Mama. As a teller, I have to make sure I have my head on straight...especially since I count money for a living! So, since my head wasn't on as straight as I anticipated, I left work with this glow about me...thinking of my daughter...Lydia...she is so beautiful..if I must say so myself.
After I left work, I spent the rest of the day on the phone with family and friends. It was a good thing I left work--I would've been completely useless.
So, we are on the last leg of the tour.....ALL thanks to our God for getting us here. Thank you Lord for picking out the most perfect daughter for us.
We are on our way won't be long now....