Monday, August 11, 2008

I love being Italian!

First, let me ask....have you ever had homemade, fresh pasta? Well my friends, I made it for the first time on Saturday and it was so much fun! Not to mention so yummy good! The pictures are an example of how to start making the fresh pasta. All you need is flour, eggs, and a pinch of salt (and a handy duty pasta roller/cutter).

Our good friends at Delizie Italiane (in La Grange, Kentucky)had a cooking class not to long ago on how to make fresh pasta (specifically from the region of Napoli--where my mom is from) along with 3 wonderful sauces. Wow! I learned so much.

Well, Saturday, I treated my husband to an authentic Italian meal. Fresh homemade pasta (thanks Caroline for allowing me to borrow your pasta roller/cutter--you saved me so much time and frustration--bless you!!) and homemade Puttanesca sauce. I also made a fresh Italian salad that we had ate last.

It came out wonderful! I highly recommend it!

Not this month....

Good morning friends and family. John and I just found out that China did not get to our LID this month. China sent out referrals through LID 1/31/2006.

This means that it will most likely be next month that before we receive our referral. We will be in Gatlinburg, Tennessee the first week in September (with several families from our church), so that will be just wonderful if we receive the news there! I hope we get cell phone service in the Smokies.....

I am so at peace with this. Truly, John and I believe the Lord was preparing us for the news that we would not receive the referral this month. He is so good.

So, we have 20 more days left in the month of August.......let the countdown begin!

I will post more later..I have to tell you all about the meal I cooked for John on Saturday!

Until then...have a great day!