Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sippy Cup and McDonalds

I think I like the ketchup more than I like the french fries!

Yummy ketchup
Lydia was sucking the ketchup off the french fries...too cute

"Oh, yea, I am going to need a bath after this!"

I couldn't resist...introducing "Princess Harlow"

Loving this sippy cup!

How do I get liquids out of this one?

Cool..haven't seen this one before.
Today was a busy day. We went to Wal-Mart to find some gloves (we lost our previous pair) and a winter coat. Then we headed off to see our friends at Prospect Latin School. Lydia had so much fun playing on the "castle" and she even had to go up and down some stairs. I think that may have been the first time for stairs. She did okay going up the stairs, but we really need to practice going down the stairs. The kids in my old class loved her. Especially the boys! They were sweet to share with her and show her some games. They were also excited to show Lydia their Christmas tree and some neat books. Thank you PLS for such a fun trip!
After our fun time at PLS, we headed home for lunch. For some odd reason, I was craving a Quarter Pounder from McDonald's. I have no idea why. We hardly ever eat any fast food. Oh, well! I thought, I am going to try getting her a Happy Meal and see if she will eat the food. Well, the chicken nuggets were pretty nasty...but I put a bunch of ketchup in her box and gave her a french fry. She loved the ketchup! She kept on sucking the ketchup off the fry! It was too cute. I am not sure if she liked the french fries or not. Either was a fun experience.
Then, after naptime, our friend Vanessa came over and brought a yummy pizza for dinner and hung out with Lydia and I. We had fun, talking about China, sharing our China video, and a bunch more! Lydia liked giving (we like to call her Auntie Nessa) her hugs!
When all was said and done...Baba came home and Lydia was so happy! We miss him during the day! Lydia finally went to sleep around 9:45pm. She was exhausted.
Tomorrow is a stay at home day. Did I say that I love being a mom??????