Friday, November 21, 2008

What a great day!

Who you lookin' at?
Getting bundled up for an afternoon outside
Seriously, is she not the cutest?
Pastor's sons made this for Lydia...I think she likes it!

Checking out the textures!

Today was an awesome day! We didn't get much sleep last night, but that is okay. Little Lydia is still trying to get on EST. :)

We just had a wonderful day. Lydia tried eggs and actually liked them! She also had some organic apple cinnamon oatmeal and loved it too.

Later in the day, we stopped by our favorite Italian deli to pick up some yummy Italian food. John and I were totally craving it! We stopped by the bank and said hello to everyone, then stopped by the Pastor's home for a quick visit. Lydia was having too much fun! On our way home she fell asleep..too cute!

When we got home to eat, Lydia woke up and was ready for some grub. We had some Italian soup for Lydia...she LOVED it! Then she had some leftover mashed potatoes and corn...couldn't stop eating it. I then put the bowl of mashed potatoes and corn on her highchair with her spoon. I was teaching her to feed herself. After several tries...she was doing it herself...she was a pro!
She is adjusting so quickly. Much quicker than we expected!
Baba and Momma are getting along fine...we love being parents!