Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ahhh...we love spring!

Lydia with her new friend...Elmo (every time you say "Elmo" Lydia points to her "elbow"--too cute!) :)

Our tree outside has bloomed beautifully.

Lydia checking out the flower. smells good! (actually they don't-they smell awful..glad she doesn't mind)

Is she trying to wink or did she get a whiff of that nasty smelling flower?!?!

Elmo wants to smell the flower too!
What a great day. The weather was just beautiful. High in the 70's. Lydia loves to go outside, so I took advantage of this brief Kodak moment. Today it is raining and in the 60's--still absolutely beautiful. This week, we will be purchasing Lydia a rain coat and a pair of rain boots--so we can go jump in the puddles--supposed to rain all week!
Did I tell you how much I love being a mom!!!?

Friday, March 20, 2009 many a little crazy!

"Look at my new outfit!"

"I can comb and brush my hair at the same time!"

Oh, yea...sipping on some juice and loving this weather!


"Now, how do I get these things back on?"

Our tree starting to bud!

Seriously, how many bows does a girl need???

We had fun doing this!

"Can we take the bows out now?"

Found an old camera and she loves taking pictures!

Like daughter...

"This is so cool!"


"Okay, Momma...stay right look funny!"

All in a days work....

Ahhhh....I just love being a mom.....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fun at the park!

Can you get a better smile than this??

Lydia has a really hard time with stairs..but we have been practicing and there she goes...all by herself!! My baby is growing up!!


Aren't we cute?

Lydia crawling through the tunnel.

Dadda crawling after her....

Main office at the Creasy Mahan Park.

Not sure what this was. It was cool looking...

Finally....SPRING is around the corner!!!!

Trees are budding!!

Nothing else to say but what a perfect day....simply perfect.
Thank you Lord!

Happy St. Patricks Day...and other items....

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!!

My friend had posted this video on her Facebook and I loved it! It is a great explaination of St. Patrick.
Check out this link! It is around 8 minutes long, but worth it! It's by Veggie Tales. :)

Since today is a feast day, (since we have been in Lenten Season--we have given up meat (except fish), sweets, and coffee) we are going to be eating good!! On today's menu, I will be fixing Guinness-marinated London Broil with Rosemary and Garlic, Mushroom Guinness Gravy, and Rustic Colcannon. Yummy!! I can't wait!!

On another note, John and I watched a movie yesterday (I know..amazing, huh?) It's called Fireproof. We had heard from some folks that it was really good. Now, in the beginning of the movie, it is a bit cheesy, and long winded; however, PLEASE stick with it. It is a great movie with a wonderful message. It reminded me of how good God has been to John and I in our own marriage. I highly recommend it.

And finally, some dear friends of ours gave Lydia a play kitchen. It was their daughter's and she has outgrown it. We cleaned it up and she loves it!! We placed it in our kitchen so when Momma cooks, Lydia cooks. I love that too!! My little Chef Lydia! Here are some pictures we took yesterday of her playing. Seriously, she is too cute!