Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lydia is 17 months today!

17 months ago today, our daugther was born. Thank you Lord for such a precious gift.
Happy 17 months Lydia. Mama and Baba love you so much!
Not too much longer now.....sweetheart...not too much longer.........

Just in: New updates on Lydia!!

These are updated pictures of our sweet daughter Lydia that we just received!! Isn't she just gorgeous?! John and I can't wait to see her smile! We are just in love!!

Her latest measurements are:

Height: 30.7 inches tall
Weight: 23.5 lbs.
Head size: 17.7 inches
Chest size: 18.8 inches
Feet Length: 4.7 inches

The Lord has wonderful timing--I totally needed some encouragement today.