Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Work Day Today

Good morning friends and family! Today, our family will be outside all day working on our landscape. This task has been put on the backburner for a while now..finally we get a good day with lots of sunshine and no rain!!!

Yesterday, we went and bought a bunch of herbs and will be planting those in planters inside until it is safe to plant in our garden. We will be putting in a new mailbox (which I know our mail-lady will be very pleased with--our current mailbox is shameful!!), raking out our old mulch (putting in new mulch this week), pulling weeds, laying some anti-weed material (preparing for our new mulch), pulling out some nasty bushes we have in our back yard, getting our plot ready for our garden...just to name a few items!! :o)

I will be taking some pictures of Lydia helping us with all this...she loves to help!! Speaking of you believe she will be 2 years old next week????

Until next time....have a great day!