Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Reflections on Summer 2010 (part 1)

Wow! The Summer of 2010 is almost over. Can't believe it. Here in Louisville, it has been the hottest Summer since the 1930's! I was hoping to do so much more this Summer, but it was just way too hot. We stayed indoors quite a bit. Needless to say, we are looking forward to Fall.
During the Summer, we tried potty training Lydia. And...she is just not ready yet. I find myself trying to push her to be ready..but really nothing is working. So, I am resolved for her to let me know when she is ready. :) It just isn't fruitful for both of us to be stressed about it!
We moved into our home in late May and it has been wonderful. Did I say wonderful? We love being so close to everything. Especially Church. We can be more involved and actually go to the services that they have during the week. Hubby is happy too..not having to drive so far to get to work. Which makes me happy that he gets home so much earlier than he used to. We are so grateful for our home..we have a lot of work to get done still..but hey..Lord willing..we have 30+years, right???
Lydia is growing and I think we will be the same height next year..either that..or we will be sharing shoes. I can't keep up with her. She is healthy and strong. We are so thankful.
As we approach the end of this Summer, we are sending in our application for our second adoption. Hard to believe. We are praying for a little baby boy from Ethiopia. Please join us in prayer as we start this process again. We are taking things a bit slower this time around. Lydia is very excited about being a big sister. First she thought that she was going to be the Mommy..but we explained it to her. :)
Well, I hope all is good and well in your part of the world. This is a part one of a couple of Summer reflections. Since it has been forever since my last post. :)
May God have mercy on us all.