Thursday, November 20, 2008

We are HOME!!!

THANK YOU for being at the airport. It meant so much to us to see all of you there!

Pastor and Lydia

Ni Ni and Lydia

Lydia with open arms toward Papaw

What can I say?

Ahhhh...we are home. Thank the Lord for getting us home safely. Lydia did such a wonderful job. She actually did much better than John and I did on all 3 flights! She is such a trooper. She was just clapping her hands on the plane, playing and just being so sweet. The airline had headphones where you can listen to various stations or watch movies. I selected some really nice classical music for her and put the headphones on her head. She LOVED it! Check her out!

Lydia jamming to Mozart

Today was a good day. John and I still feel like we are on the plane. We are all just so exhausted. Lydia has done very well today. We tried some mashed potatoes and corn. Not too happy about the corn, but pretty darn happy about the potatoes. We also tried apple so much for that either. I know that all this will come in time.

She slept well last night. Only waking up a couple of times. On the other hand, John and I were up at 4 am...still on China time..Lydia is too..poor thing. Here are some pictures from our day.

Thanks for following our journey to LYDIA. It truly has been amazing. John and I will contiue to post updates on our precious girl!
Love and hugs from John, Claudine and Lydia