Thursday, November 13, 2008

Isn't she cute?

After a long day at the Museum, someone needed some chill time! Isn't she cute. This is all I have right now...sorry. Most of our pictures of Lydia are on video and we cannot download from this video camera onto our computer.

I promise we will take some pictures today. :)

Yesterday was fun. We went to the Ethnic Museum and Garden. It was pretty neat. The garden was beautiful. It almost looked like a little village. I have attached some pics of the garden. We also rented a stroller. Not sure if Lydia has ever been in one before, but she did well. She is coming out more and more each day. We are a bit concerned with healthy attachment and food issues. I know that both of these will come in time. She likes the ladies and will go to any woman that reaches her arms to her. On the other hand, she does not like the men. Pastor, we need to work on this prior to baptism! She is having a hard time attaching to John. As long as I am not in the room, she does fine. So, I find myself hiding in the bathroom for periods of time so that they can get that time alone together. This morning, Momma is going to fill out some paperwork with our FTIA coordinator and BaBa and Lydia are going to have some good one on one time.
For dinner last night all 5 families and our coordinator went out for an amazing Chinese meal. John and I tried rabbit on a stick and it was wonderful. Lydia did very well too. She just loves pork congee. It's not bad. Formula and congee is all she has had for the past 18 months so we have a lot of work to do in this area. Last night at dinner she just sparkled with personality! John and I have been teaching her "kisses" and "high 5" and sharing...among other things. She is catching on quickly and at the dinner table last night she started giving me kisses when I was feeding her! Then after each bite, she would point her finger and touch my lips so that I could kiss her finger! Then I would give her the rattle and stacking cups. She would give each one to me and I would say "thank you" and then I would give it back to her..saying "thank you". First time for all these things! It's wonderful being parents.
On the way back it was so neat to see Nanning, China at night. It was bustling with lots of action! People were everywhere; hanging out, playing games, etc. It's a unique city; one like we have never seen before. The Guangxi Province is one of the poorest provinces in China. It has a bunch of community feel and the people are so friendly. Can you imagine having 5 American families with 5 Chinese babies that look a lot more like them than us...we get lots of looks..but all in's been an awesome experience.
On another note--Lydia did finally have a BM! After 3 days! I know, I am officially a parent now.

We leave for Guangzhou, China this evening. We should be there around 8pm China time.
Will post more pictures of Lydia...later!
Love and hugs to you from the Supers!