Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some photos to share...

View of Mt. Le Conte from the deck of our chalet

Gorgeous view!

It got pretty cold in the Smokies. The morning after we arrived..there were snow capped mountains in the distance.

Out for a walk

Lydia's first cousin--Camron. She is helping him drink his juice.

Camron, who is 3, was showing Lydia how to play with his toy.

Lydia got a kick out of seeing herself in this giant mirror.

Family of 3

My brother, his wife and son. Family of 3...but soon to be family of 4!! :)

My dad with the grandkids! What a site!

Aunt Brookie with Lydia

Camron and Lydia hugging...too cute.

We had a very short trip to Gatlinburg to hang out with my dad, step-mom, brother and his family. Lydia had the worst runny nose before we left. We had to leave our Gatlinburg getaway early because both Lydia and I had fevers. Lydia's fever would not break and finally we got her to the doctor on Monday. Lydia has an ear infection with a really bad cough. I have the flu. John isn't himself either...we are just a mess.
Pray for us. I am going chill for bit to regain some of my strength before Lydia wakes up from her nap.....have a good one...